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It is not unusual for people who have a common vision to end up finding each other. This was the case for Marion and Edouard who founded this firm with their teams.


We would be thrilled to write the next chapter of Ooslo's story with you by our side.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you think you share this vision or simply wish to find out more.

The partnership mindset

Our partnership is based on simplicity, flexibility, mutual aid, sincerity, fulfillment, work-life balance, freedom and excellence. We want to allow everyone to find their place in a healthy and collective work environment, without social or financial pressure.

An agile economic model

Our economic model is simple and agile, it includes a collective and individual dimension in the sharing of costs and revenues. It also allows associates in the development phase (Of counsel) to find their place because what matters most at Ooslo is drive and mindset.

A boutique firm on a human scale 

We intend to carefully build a firm on a human scale run by partners who share Ooslo's values. Our wish is to build a firm of around thirty people by 2026, with a maximum of 8/10 partners, surrounding ourselves more specifically with specialists in social law, tax law, contract law, IP/IT, restructuring or financing / banking law.

A multi-site firm

We wish to support the trend of deconcentration to regions outside Paris and the dynamism of the local economic fabric, while also capitalising on our openness and international experience. Do not hesitate if you have any desire to open offices outside Paris, we would be delighted to consider it.

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For more information about our firm or to discuss a possible project.

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