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Our desire is to surround ourselves with people who are better than us and to combine the talents of every one of them. This is how we will evolve and strive towards excellence.

An inclusive model

We want to develop a highly inclusive approach and invite employees to get involved in the entrepreneurial project that is Ooslo.

As well as inlclusivity in social terms, at Ooslo, 20% of the annual result goes to employees.

The quest for work-life balance

Our objective is to work “better”, to better assess "emergencies" and structure our work as well as possible.

This also involves a simple internal organisation.

A continuous quest for progress

We want to evolve together as people and experts. At Ooslo we train our teams and open up their horizons.

The strength of a collective

We want to develop a corporate culture and a team spirit that carries positive energy.


People at the heart of Ooslo

We believe in the importance of human capital, kindness, mutual aid and loyalty.

A fair organisation of work

We advocate a certain organisational agility, particularly by combining office-based work and working from home. We empower partners and associates to take the lead in this respect but recommend at least three days of face-to-face work to ensure that the firm functions smoothly from an internal perspective and in order to develop team spirit.

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