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Our expertise

Private Equity

Venture capital, growth, LBOs/OBOs, turnaround capital, etc.


Management Packages

Incentive schemes for salaried managers and executives (salary and share-based schemes), notably through the allocation of shares (free and preference shares, subscription warrants, business creator shares, etc.)

Equity Transaction

Capital increases and reductions, accordion effect (French coup d’accordéon), bond issuances (OS, OC, mandatory convertible securities, etc.), composite securities issuances, etc.

Patrimonial Reorganization

Creation of holding companies, contribution of shares, capital contributions and share transfers, Dutreil pacts, dismemberment of ownership, family transfers, etc.

Corporate finance

Financing documentation and related warranties, etc.

Intellectual Property

Audit, protection, monitoring and management of rights, administrative proceedings, IP contracts, litigation (counterfeiting, unfair competition and parasitism) (...)

Commercial and Consumer Law

Commercial contracts, commercial pre-litigation and litigation, advice on environmental claims, "AGEC" Law (...)

Mergers-Acquisitions (M&A)

Business cooperation, external growth, divestments of companies or groups of companies, mergers and joint ventures, etc.

Current corporate

Company formation, change of corporate form or management, partnership agreements, annual legal monitoring of corporate entities (SVP assistance), approval of financial statements, etc.

Intra-group reorganization - Governance

Partial contribution of assets, M&A, mergers, demergers, management fee agreements, cash pooling, corporate governance restructuring, etc.

Data Room / Due Diligence

Data room preparation and pre-acquisition audits prior to sales or purchases, etc.

Pre-litigation and litigation in corporate law

Conflicts between shareholders, between shareholders and management, post-acquisition disputes, asset and liability warranties, etc.

IT / New Technologies

IT projects (contracts, AI issues), e-commerce (general terms etc...), e-reputation, LCEN notification, domain names, data and GDPR (...)

Media and Communication Law

Music, audiovisual and video games advice and litigation, communication and image rights projects (partnerships, influencer marketing, rebranding) (...)​​


Ooslo collaborates with a panel of leading firms and business lawyers recognized in their areas of expertise (tax, social, IP-IT, anti-trust, contract-distribution, public, environment, etc.) both in France and abroad.

As such, we can, at the client's request, use a "one stop shop" approach so that the client has only one contact and a single invoice. 

France and International

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