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Why choose Ooslo?

Because you can't say no to good advice


Our uniqueness

Ooslo is able to understand operations from a legal, tax, asset and financial perspective.

Ooslo's teams were trained in top-tier firms and demonstrate true rigour and professionalism in dealing with their cases.

We work simply and pragmatically, with a constructive and business-focused mindset. We are a boutique law firm with a personal touch, working closely with our clients.


We seek to make business law accessible and provide education: "whatever we conceive well, we express clearly"

Ooslo is able to act as Project Manager and coordinate different experts and lawyers on cross-border missions.

The Ooslo team takes care of the quality of relationships between counterparties: this is very often a key element in the success of projects.

We have no ego and are not “zealous”, we make sure that we train our team in essential soft skills.

Above all, we strive for customer satisfaction, as we attach great importance to the experience you get from Ooslo.

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