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  • Why the name Ooslo?
    You will have noticed that at Ooslo we love “O”s and their circular, generous and inclusive dimension. Ooslo is at a crossroads: - the double "oo" is an Ancient Greek prefix that refers to the egg, which relates to (sustainable) creation and the projects of the clients that we support. - “Oô” is also a small authentic village on the way to the high valleys and peaks of the Haute-Garonne department (including Pic Perdiguère, which is the highest point at 3,222 m, pictured on our home page). Located at an altitude of nearly 1,000 m, its houses and barns are a beautiful expression of the rural life of yesteryear, which has managed to maintain its unique identity while adopting modern comforts. - the "slo" refers here to slow management and our strong desire to place humanity, simplicity, respect, sobriety, value creation and serenity at the heart of organizations, customer and co-worker relations, and our clients’ projects. In our opinion, this is the future of business models and entrepreneurship. The whole name is also a nod to an avant-garde, progressive, inspiring, green and international Scandinavian city. Ooslo is thus imbued with regional and international values, craftsmanship and modernity, simplicity and respect, but above all a human dimension, both sustainable and inclusive.

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