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Aurore Schneider

Lawyer – Associate - Paris Bar November 2018

Aurore is one of the founding members of Ooslo. She works in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity and Corporate Law.

Aurore assists clients with small-mid cap transactions in M&A and private equity (venture, development capital and LBO). She acts in this capacity as an advisor on fundraising, restructuring, external growth or exit operations, as well as for more common (“corporate”) operations.


Ooslo@Aurore, what do you like about this job?


The profession of business lawyer fascinates me, it provides me with constant intellectual and interpersonal stimulation.


As lawyers, we are faced with legal issues that can be very complex, and the search for solutions for our clients is a very motivating objective. I like being able to reassure and bring peace of mind to our clients. This job leads us to be true partners and to create special relationships.


It also offers us the opportunity to interact with a variety of people, whether they are entrepreneurs, managers, investors or other legal professionals, French or foreign. These exchanges are always enlightening.

When Marion and Edouard invited me to join and contribute to the Ooslo project, I was immediately enthusiastic because I share their vision of the profession and their desire to support our clients differently, by combining professionalism, simplicity and customer closeness.


I feel lucky to have the opportunity to practice my profession with this mindset, as it has proven to be very fulfilling.


  • CAPA (2018) – Paris Bar

  • Paris II Panthéon-Assas University (2016) – Entrance exam to the Professional Training Centre for Lawyers – CRFPA

  • University of Law of Rouen (2014) – Master 2 Business Law – Business and Tax Law option




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